Inspiration: Decorating with Art

9 December, 2009 at 22:57 | Posted in Art | Leave a comment
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Beautiful art is meant to be displayed.  I love the idea of filling your home with personal pieces, and my favourite way to do that is to assemble wall art in groups.

Here is an example of a group that I had hanging in my former apartment. Although I love the effect, none of these items represent a traditional art piece. The photo includes (from center and 12 o’clock clockwise) a framed postcard my parents sent me from London, a Bruce Springsteen album single, a postcard depicting a Canadian Mountie, a glossy red heart that was attached to a gift bag, a photograph I took in Montreal, a print from IKEA, a postcard from London’s National Portrait Gallery, a promotional flyer from Montreal, a photo ripped out of New York magazine, and a photo I took in London. Altogether, this collection probably cost me about $20 to put together. And I loved the result.

A quick search of interior design blogs produced some tips for creating your own grouped wall art. It is recommended that pieces be grouped tightly together. The trick is to create the display so that pieces appear as one statement rather than a series of small comments.

Here are a few more examples I thought were really well done. This one features a kaleidoscope of colours, but the group’s symmetry manages to avoid looking messy.

The image taken below must have been the result of a time-intensive project. A series of small toys, trinkets and framed objects manages to create a festive alternative to decorating a Christmas tree.

These are just a few ways to bring art into your every day life. I hope it gets you inspired!


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